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Refund Policy

The policies which are followed by Flights Kart in case of refunding the money of the buyers are mentioned herewith.

All the bookings done on Flights Kart by the customers will be non-cancellable and the payments of the same will be nonrefundable. It however also depends upon the airlines, for their specific policies. This can be confirmed by calling our customer care through the number provided. Our executives will then let you about the same, once they check the fare rules. They will then inform and confirm about the possibilities of making or not making the refund.

In cases where the tickets are cancelled within four hours of booking, then the customers will be entitled to get a 100% refund of their booking amount.

When there is a change in schedule of the airlines and the passenger is not comfortable with the new timings, then a 100% refund can be claimed. Flights Kart in these cases will be refunding the entire amount to its customers.

A majority of the airline tickets which are bought at a discounted price are non-refundable. Such non-refundable tickets are the tickets which are the most affordable ones. Simultaneously, they are also the ones which do not allow refunds and are the most restrictive ones. The offering of specialsalong withthe already discounted airfares is also made possible through these restrictions by Flights Kart. They also enable us to helpyou in finding the best deals for the destination that you plan to visit. It should be noted that the refund restrictions can be found on our website where they are listed. It is necessary for you to agree to these terms and conditions before making any reservations. For cancelling reservations, the terms of cancellations will be applicable. The same is mentioned in the Terms and Conditions of Flights Kart.